Saturday, December 03, 2011

Welcome to The Wrestling Place

Thank you for visiting The Wrestling Place (TWP). Some of my readers may have followed me on my previous blog "Ashford Daniel Writes" which was hosted by Wordpress. Unfortunately, since early September, I have been unable to have any new article published on Wordpress because of a technical issue within Wordpress. Wordpress has been unable to resolve the issue. As far as I am aware, no action has been credibly taken by them to solve the problem. I postponed leaving for as long as I could, but life must go on. Indeed, it is something I also "wrestled" with. You may still see many of my past articles on Wordpress at


First of all, this blog is not a WWE partner activity. I have decided to call my newest blog The Wrestling Place (TWP) because I want it to be symbolic of the times and seasons in every life when a person has to do some personal wrestling or struggling with opposing circumstances. It is only after we have faced our challenges and have wrestled with them that we can grow and move to a happier place in our lives.

You can rest assured that there will always be some post of interest and innovative worth for you as a reader, no matter your back ground or walk in life. Let me invite you to become a subscribed member to TWP and spread the word. After all, readers are leaders and world changers.